Spindle Options

We offer a wide variety of spindles to suit your requirements. Below you'll find our more popular spindles, if none of these work just let us know as we carry the complete NSK line and others.


BD 2800  1/3 HP 90-volt high-torque DC motor (single direction)
• 2-step "V" belt pulley (2nd position for more torque at low RPM)
•Spindle nose: 3/4-16 external thread, #1 Morse internal taper
• Fiberglass-reinforced urethane drive belt
• Variable speed electronic speed control: 70-2800 RPM (optional 10.000 rpm available)
• Load compensating circuit keeps RPM constant
• Speed control accepts any input from 100VAC to 240VAC and automatically converts it to 90VDC output to the motor.

Runout at spindle nose: .0005" or less
End play at factory preload setting: .0002" (preload is adjustable)

  • BD 2800: 0 to 2800 RPM Price 550.00
  • BD 10000: 0 to 10,000 RPM Price 650.00

NSK Series: E2530.................. PDF Brochure  e2530

nsk 2530 Control Unit Specifications
Model:  NE236
Power Source:  AC 115V/230V (switchable type); 50-60Hz
Power Consumption:  92 Watts
Weight: 7.9 lbs.
Dimensions:  W4.25" x D6.14" x H6.89"

Brushless Motor:  EM25-5000-J4
Speed:  5,000 - 30,000 rpm
Max Output Power: 125W
Cord: Length 13 ft. (with Quick Disconnect)
Air Coolant Hose: Length 13 ft.
Weight:  8.82 oz. (w/o cord)

Spindle: NR-303
Allowable Motor Speed: 30,000 rpm
Spindle Accuracy: Within 1 µm
Weight: 7.58 oz.
*CHK Collet ø1/8" Included

Air Line Kit
Air Line Kit: AL-C1204
Clean air supply unit eliminates dust and moisture

Included Equipment:
NE236 Control Unit
EM25-5000-J4 Brushless Motor (8333)
NR-303 Spindle (1830)
PL42685 CHK Collet ø1/8" (CHK-3.175)
AL-C1204 Air Line Kit (ALC1204)


NSK E3000 Series Spindle System - 60,000 rpm PDF e3000_catalog

Control Unit SpecificationsE3000-NR3060S
Model:  NE211
Power Source:  AC 115V
Power Consumption:  1.8A
Air Flow Volume: 1.0CFM (36-44PSI)
Weight:  6 Lb 2.77 oz.
Dimensions:  W3.46" x D5.43" x H9.37"

Brushless Motor
Motor:  EM-3060
Speed:  5,000 - 60,000 rpm
Max Output Power: 350W
Housing:  Stainless Steel (SUS416)
Weight:  11.46 oz. (w/o cord)

Motor Cord
13 ft. Motor Cord:  EMCD-3000

Spindle:  NR-3060S
Allowable Motor Speed: 60,000 rom
Weight: 9.52 oz.
CHK Collet 1/8" (PL42685)

Air Line Kit
Air Line Kit: AL-C1204

Included Equipment:
NE211 Control Unit (9775)
EM-3060 Brushless Motor (1597)
EMCD-3000 Motor Cord (1748)
NR-3060S Spindle (1583)
PL42685 CHK Collet 1/8