Nano Customer Report

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Technical University of Denmark - DTU Nano Machining using 0.0002" size end mills.

Microscope image of micro milling tools with diameters of 25µm and 200µm, respectively.

Photos provided by Frederik Bundgaard, Department of Micro and Nanotechnology at the at the Technical University of Denmark.

Nano Machining is achieved at the Department of Micro and Nanotechnology at theat the Technical University of Denmark using Minitech's machine. Frederik Bundgaard is shown with a Minitech Mini-Mill/3Pro with 50K RPM precision spindle. End mills range from .0004" to 0.0002" and show no deviation in repeatability when machining.

The step motors controlling the stage employ micro-stepping, and a XYZ resolution ofaround 1µm is achieved. The repeatability of the system, including thespindle run-out, has been experimentally found to be less than 5µm when working on areas a few centimeters across, which is the dimension typically used for microfluidic systems.

Above photos are close-ups of microfluidic channel milled in Topas grade 5013.

a. Channel milled using a 200µm tool. The side channel is milled using a 25µm tool.The half circle pattern on the channel bottom stemming from the end mill is clearly seen.

b. 100µm wide and deep channel and through-hole 500µm in diameter. The surface of the channel bottom is slightly more rough than the sidewalls. The sides of the hole appear more rough than the channel.