Mini-Mill 3

Absolutely one of the best machines available in the world!

Shown with optional 4th axis rotary table.

The Mini-Mill 3 series, is a top of the line desktop CNC that incorporates many of the same features found on high dollar aerospace machines in high tech industries.

To insure the highest accuracies the Mill 3 is assembled using THK high precision linear rail guideways and direct coupled motors to precision ground ballscrews.

The Pro 3 is used worldwide in major universities for Nano Research to Top Jewelers who demand the best finished machining available. Each Minitech Machine is hand built one at a time and meticulously squared and aligned to guarantee maximum precision.

Example of Nano Machining

Nano Machining is achieved at the Department of Micro and Nanotechnology at the at the Technical University of Denmark using Minitech's machine. Frederik Bundgaard uses a Minitech Mini-Mill/3Pro with 30K RPM precision spindle.  End mills range from .0004" to 0.0002" and show no deviation in repeatability when machining.

The step motors controlling the stage employ micro-stepping, and a XYZ resolution of around 1 μm is achieved. The repeatability of the system, including the spindle run-out, has been experimentally found to be less than 5 μm when working on areas a few centimeters across, which is the dimensiontypically used for microfluidic systems.  

The PRO CNC Mini-Mill/Pro System Includes:

  • Vertical and horizontal milling - standardlab_cavity_finish2b
  • Three axis multi surface milling, simultaneous
  • Computer interfacing with cabling
  • Stepper motor controlled, with micro-stepping 
  • Standard accessory kit with one end mill; 1/8" collet
  • CNC control software - All WindowsTM Based
  • THKtm Ball-Screws on all 3 Axes  
  • Way Covers on all axes
  • Variable 5,000 to 30,000 RPM, Brush-less, High Precision Spindle 

  • Vise - modular vise with multi-size and placement capabilities
  • One year warranty on parts and labor
  • Unlimited telephone and internet support


Over size 22"x 22" x23"
X Axis Travels 12"
Y Axis Travels 9"
Z Axis Travels 9"
Table Top 14" x 6"
Feedrates .1" to 50" ipm simultaneous / 150 ipm linear
Stepper Motors 200 steps per revolution, 250 oz/in DC
Slides (ways) Dual Linear Thompson Sleeve Type
Screws THK precision ground, preloaded sealed 5 pitch
Resolution Standard: .0005" full step / .00025" half step
Micro: .000125" 1/4 step. 0000625" 1/8 step
Hold Down Provisions Table =1/4-20 tapped mounting holes, 1" centers
Spindle See Spindle options
Spindle RPM See Spindle options
Spindle Rotation Can be manually rotated side to side 90 degrees
Tool Chuck Size Based on Spindle
Power Requirement 115 VAC 60 hz or 110 to 220 VAC 50 HZ
Weight 100 Lbs.


PC Interface

  Serial, RS-232, com1, com2, or com3

Drive Type

  Bi-polar chopper, 3.5 amp with micro-stepping settings

Number of drives

  3, with 3-axis simultaneous control (optional 4th axis)

Power Input

  110 VAC (220 VAC), converts to 40 VDC

Memory Type   non volatile memory, needs use of computer to run part programs and control machine


  TTL signal from serial port (RS-232).  All cables supplied

Input Logic   Up to 8 input TTL signals

Output Logic

  Up to 8 output for limit, home, or safety switches.

Upgrades / Options

Control2 - 3 Axis, CNC Control Software, Computer Cntl-02


Control3 - 3 Axis, CNC Control Software, Tool Probe & Home Switches Cntl-04


Control4 - 3 Axis, CNC Control Software, Computer, Tool Probe & Home Switches Cntl-04


Axis Add-Ons    
4th Axis with tailstock, drive added to controller, upgrade in software RT-4X


4thh and 5th Axis Trunnion table, drive added to controller, upgrade in software TT-5X


Kits and Options    
Jeweler's Kit -- 12 tools, round fixture, flat fixture, pressure gun, flat stock, round stock JK-01


Enclosure - For Mill/2, Mill/3 and Mill/GX EC-02


ATC - 5 tool for NSK E3000 Spindle ATC-NSK-3000


ATC - 5 tool for IMT Spindle ATC-IMT


Pneumatic Vise with vacuum pump PVAC-01