Mini-Mill 2

mill2 043_COa_sm

Based on Minitech's original milling machine first introduced in 1983 the Mini-Mill 2, is our entry level machine, ideal for the Hobbyist, a School or a Jeweler.artworks 047-2

The MINI-MILL 2 is a big step-up from the competition as it is built using Thompson Type Linear Guideways thus eliminating the need for a gib in each axis. This eliminates stick slip and reduces backlash greatly. Further each axis motor is direct coupled to its precision screw, eliminating belts and pulleys again reducing backlash. 

  Mini-Mill Benefits

  • Machine parts easily and accurately at your desk
  • Prototype design created from your CAD/CAM program - on your time schedule
  • Reduce expenses by using Mini-Mills, not larger, expensive machines.
  • The Mini-Mill Package    

    • Mini-Mill/2 with interfacing
    • Power supply
    • MACH 3  CNC Software
    • Windows-based software
    • User's guide
    • 1 year limited hardware warranty

Your Mill 2 will arrive ready to plug into your desktop or laptop computer

Over size 19" x20" x20"
X Axis Travels 10"
Y Axis Travels 5"
Z Axis Travels 7"
Table Top 12" x 6"
Feedrates .1" to 20.5" ipm / Metric 1 to 520 mm/min
Stepper Motors 200 steps per revolution, 150 oz/in DC
Slides (ways) Dual Linear Thompson Sleeve Type
Resolution .0005" full step / .00025" half step
Hold Down Provisions Table =1/4-20 tapped mounting holes, 1" centers
Spindle See Spindle options
Spindle Motor See Spindle options
Spindle RPM Many Choices see options
Tool Chuck Size Base on Spindle
Power Requirement 115 VAC 60 hz or 110 to 220 VAC 50 HZ
Weight 65 Lbs.

Upgrades / Options

Control2 - 3 Axis, CNC Control Software, Computer Cntl-02


Control3 - 3 Axis, CNC Control Software, Tool Probe & Home Switches Cntl-04


Control4 - 3 Axis, CNC Control Software, Computer, Tool Probe & Home Switches Cntl-04


Axis Add-Ons    
4th Axis with tailstock, drive added to controller, upgrade in software RT-4X


4thh and 5th Axis Trunnion table, drive added to controller, upgrade in software TT-5X


Kits and Options    
Jeweler's Kit -- 12 tools, round fixture, flat fixture, pressure gun, flat stock, round stock JK-01


Enclosure - For Mill/2, Mill/3 and Mill/GX EC-02


ATC - 5 tool for NSK E3000 Spindle ATC-NSK-3000


ATC - 5 tool for IMT Spindle ATC-IMT


Pneumatic Vise with vacuum pump PVAC-01