Built Rock Solid in AMERICA!

The Minitech CNC Mini-Mill GX

Micro CNC Milling Machine with Solid Granite Frame and Base

Designed and Manufactured by Minitech Machinery Corp. in the USA

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 Nothing Compares to the GX by Minitech


Minitech GX 5 framed

The Natural Granite construction offers excellent stability and strength. a high degree of vibration dampening as well as thermal stability benefits not found in any other material.

The GX is ideal for the Microfluidic / Nano Industries, the Demanding Jeweler, High Tech Medical Products, Research Laboratories and more.

Each base is precision ground, polished and aligned to the micron level.

The GX is available standard as a three axis machine with optional fourth and fifth Axis.

Machines can be modified to meet your special needs on request.



Complete Desktop Manufacturing Approach

· Performs three-axis axis multisurface milling operations, optional 4th

and 5th axis trunnion table

· Large 12.0" x 9.0" x 9.0" (XYZ) travel

· Machines small parts accurately, no need for larger, expensive



Natural Black Granite Base and Frame:

· Precision ground and polished from natural black granite ignious rock

· Ensures machining stability with permanant alignments

· The natural granite offers excellent thermal stability, while ensuring a

high degree of vibration dampening


Machine Control Software

· Control motions of the machine under Windows® XP, Vista, & 7

· Smooth and accurate control over the machine’s motions

· Industrial Standard G & M codes assure Real-World implementation


High Speed Precision Spindle

· DC Brushless, rated for up to 5,000 hours of continuos operation

· Less than 1 micron runout

· 2,000 ~ 60,000 rpm (up to 30,000 RPM without comp. air), user

adjustable with digital readout

· Excellent durability and high reliability


High Quality, Low Cost, Reliable Performance

· Desktop Machine constructed with Full-Scale technology

· Highest quality LM components with caged ball-bearing slides

· Constant preloaded, zero backlash ball screws on all axes


Product, Service, Support

· One year limited warranty on parts and labor

· Friendly personnel to guarantee your continued satisfaction

· Worldwide service and support via email, Skype and phone


Standard Construction Features

· Frame and Base Precision ground and polished from natural black

granite ignious rock

· Table-top machined out of aircraft-grade aluminum

· Stainless Steel dual linear LM rails with recirculating ball-bearing

slides for each axis


Machining Capabilities Include

· Vertical and horizontal milling - standard

· Three-axis multisurface milling, three axis simultaneous - standard

· 4th and 5th axis milling - optional


Applications Include

· Mold, tool and die making

· Microfluidic Structures and Nanotechnology

· Medical devices, Part fabrication from small to large quantities

· Rapid prototyping



· No more waiting for outsourced parts, Make parts designs at your

desk, in your office

· low-cost affordable solution

· Low maintenance cost, no special materials needed, no recurring

service contracts or expensive software update fees

· Machines everything from wax to nonferrous metals and everything


· Uses industrial standard CAD and CNC



Overall Size:        19.0" x 22.5" x 22.0"    480mm x 500mm x500mm

Table Size:           6.0" x 12.0"                   152mm x 305mm

X,Y,Z Travel:        12.0" x 9.0" x 9.0"         300mm x 200mm x 200mm

Feed Rates:         .1 to 100 imp .1 to 2,500 mm/min.

Stepper Motors:   250 oz. in. hold with 400 steps per revolution

Resolution Standard Mode - 1/10 Micro Step 0.00005”, 0.001mm (minimum calculated movement)

Table Mechanism Dual linear ball-bearing slides on each axis, sealed using THKTM LM Linear Slides - SR15

Load Capacity 500 Lbs

Drive Mechanism THK Ball Screw actuator - preloaded and sealed, zero-backlash, 5 mm pitch, 16mm dia.

Hold Down Type Table top 1/4"-20 mounting holes, 1" centers. Table Top is aircraft grade aluminum tooling plate

Spindle System: Call many to Choose from.

Tool Chuck Standard : Ø1/8 (CHK-3.17), Option : Ø0.8mm-Ø6.35mm

Spindle Control Unit The speed is indicated on digital display panel. MANU/AUTO selector switch Weight 7lb. 1.8oz.; Power Source

120V,, 230V. 50/60Hz Power Consumption 75W Dimensions W8.86"D7.68"H3.82"

Spindle Rotation Spindle manually rotates 90 degrees in both directions

Machine Weight 185 lbs. 222 Kg


PC Interface Parallel, LPT1,2,3,or 4

Drive Type Bi-polar chopper, 3.5 amp per motor; micro-stepping

Number of drives 3 with 3-axis simultaneous control; 4 and 5 axis optional

Power Input 110 VAC (220 VAC), converts to 40 VDC

Memory type non volatile memory, needs use of computer to run part programs and control machine

Interface TTL signal from parallel port, All cables supplied

Input Logic Up to 8 input TTL signals

Output Logic Up to 8 output for limit, home, or safety switches


   Control Info
  • Software included with DMS-GX

  • Operating System Windows XP, Vista

  • Number of control axis up to 6 - X,Y,Z, A,B,C any 6 Axis Simultaneous

  • CNC Code type Standard ISO G & M Codes

  • Maximum lines of CNC code 100 MB+

  • Import Posted CNC Code Yes, Text (ASCII) Format

  • Import .dxf Yes

  • Export .dxf Yes

  • Built-in CAD/CAM Yes, limited

  • Simulation Yes

  • Supports I/O Yes, 8 in, 8 out

  • Controls Spindle on/off Yes

  • Computer Requirements - Requires a PC to run the machine

  • Computer IBM PC compatible

  • Processor 2.0 or above Ghz min to take advantage of constant velocity

  • Computer Interface 1 x Parallel (LPT2) or PCI Parallel Port

  • RAM (for program only) 512MB. minimum

  • Operating System Windows XP

Available Options

· 3D and 2.5D CAD and CAD/CAM software, low cost solutions

· Spindle upgrades up to 3HP

· Machinist vise and other tooling packages

· Complete enclosure systems with locking doors and emergency stop

· Fourth axis rotary table for 4 axis milling

· 4th and 5th axis trunnion table


The Mini-Mill/GX Desktop Manufacturing System includes the Mini-Mill/GX™ with the following features;

computer interfacing with cabling; control software;

Please call Minitech Machinery for ordering, and for any additional technical information at


Call for pricing information 702.400.3460