How to Choose Your Mini-Mill

All the machines we offer are custom made to suit your specific requirements.

1, First choose a mill model that has the right travels / capacity for your work, Look at table size and travels.   See Models Mini-mill 2, 3, 4, or GX

Mill 2:  10" X, 5" Y, 7" Z

Mill 3 and GX : 12" X, 9" Y, 9" Z

Mill 4: 24" X, 10" Y, 10" Z

2, Then decide what spindle you require. We offer everything from a basic spindle 0-4000 RPM to a high tech spindle with 60,000 rpm and more. If your require something different ask.  See Spindle Options.

3, Control packages.. how many axis do you require? ( 3, 4, 5, or 6 ) Do you want us to provide the computer?  Will you need a tool touch off pad or tool probe system? See Control Options.

4, Do you need a 4th axis table? Do you need a two axis table ( giving you five axis ) Do you need to rotate the spindle ( giving you the 6th axis) See Rotary Options.

5, Do you need a full enclosure.

6, what else do you need??